Kassydi’s Club


An educated child will no doubt blossom and grow in this world. Youth Impact works hard to incorporate an educational aspect to our program. This allows our youth to not only have an extra moment to study after school, but they get to work one on one with our staff and volunteers to help them better understand a subject they may struggle with. We also provide a wonderful work space complete with supplies, computers and anything else they may need to thrive. 

At the conclusion of the 2015-2016 school year, Youth Impact participants school attendance was at 97.6% and our High School participants finished the year with a GPA of nearly 3.5. Our intentions with Kassydi’s Club is to ensure that the academic piece of our program continues to thrive.

By joining us and becoming a Kassydi’s Club donor, you will be helping to ensure that every child will continue to receive all of the benefits from this wonderful program. 

Kassydi’s Club members simply commit to a monthly donation, and you can be assured that all of the proceeds will go directly to our academic program.

To join or request more information, contact Youth Impact today using this form and please label the “Subject Line”. Thank you for your support!