Youth Impact Grievance Procedure & Policy

Youth Impact is aware that there may be times and situations when parents need to file an official complaint about unjust treatment, harassment, or health and safety concerns about their child or themselves within our program. This grievance procedure policy is for a clear outline for the process of these instances to ensure that all our parents and participants within the program are heard and treated equally.  

The purpose of this grievance procedure policy is to explain the scope and definition of grievances, and how to report and close a grievance. This policy is applicable for all parents within our program, and can be filed against any of our employees, including management and board members. Youth Impact defines a “grievance” as a formal program-related complaint,  use, and/or objection made by a parent.  

Before filing an official grievance complaint, please review the participant and parent code of conduct in case of a misunderstanding of our policies and procedures. We encourage you to resolve minor disputes with your child’s case manager before filing an official grievance complaint.  

Parents can file grievances when: 

  • Themselves or their child has been victims of harassment committed by our staff. Their child’s health and safety has been compromised. 
  • They’ve witnessed poor ethical behavior by employees or management.  There is a dispute between parents and Youth Impact staff. 

Youth Impact understands that every case is different, and this list is always subject to change depending on what is defined in the filed complaint form. 

Grievance Procedure:  

When filing a grievance, parents can report their complaints through our online website (htps:// under the “contact us” tab. You will then need to follow the link and file your complaint. Once filed, the complaint will be submitted to our HR and management team. From there, contact will be made by our team, and we will move forward with the necessary actions and steps to close your complaint.  

It is Youth Impact’s responsibility to: 

  • Accept and thoroughly investigate all Grievance Complaint Forms. 
  • Ensure that the grievance is resolved within (1-14) days, depending on the severity of each case. 
  • Treat all parties fairly throughout the grievance process. 
  • Organize mediation meetings with the appropriate parties. 
  • Practice a high level of confidentiality throughout the grievance process.  
  • Accept and investigate all appeals. 
  • Ensure that the final decision is implemented. 
  • Maintain accurate and comprehensive records of each grievance.  

We would appreciate and encourage parents to follow the procedure in place to file a formal complaint and that parents don’t abuse this policy. If failure to do so, complaint may never be closed formally, nor handled in a timely manner. We thank you for keeping our program accountable for being a safe place for your children. 

By signing this document below, you understand and have read our grievance procedure and agree to follow the information above.