Meet Our Team

We may all have our titles, but at the end of the day, we are all mentors.

Youth impact director suzanne.

Suzy - Director

Youth impact garden and stained glass coordinator jan.

Jan - Garden & Stained Glass Coordinator

Youth imapct accountant michelle.

Michelle - Bookkeeper

Youth impact program manager ali.

Ali - Program Manager

Youth impact facilities juan.

Juan - Facilities

Youth impact janitorial and mentor brenda.

Brenda Camacho

Youth impact community outreach eileen.

Eileen - Community Outreach

Youth impact stem coordinator victoria.

Victoria - STEM Coordinator

Youth impact child and family advocate kameron.

Kam - Child & Family Advocate

Youth impact study hall coordinator nicolle.

Nicky - Study Hall Coordinator

Youth impact transportation coordinator ivan.

Ivan - Transportation Coordinator

Youth impact front desk ana.

Ana - Teen Mentor/Community Service

Youth impact photography and mentor george.

George - Photography & Mentor

Youth impact arts and crafts hailey.

Hailey - Arts & Crafts

Youth impact teen mentor jesus.

Jesus - Teen Mentor

Youth impact kindergarten through fourth grade mentor kc.

KC - K through 4 Mentor

Youth impact chef and culinary program matt.

Matt - Chef & Culinary Program

Youth impact reading specialist natalie.

Natalie - Reading Specialist

Youth impact food program olivia.

Olivia - Administrative Assistant

Youth impact kindergarten through fourth grade mentor rhiannon.

Rhiannon - K through 4 Mentor

Youth impact community service pete.

Pete - Transportation Coordinator

Youth impact reading specialist yovi.

Yovi - Reading Specialist

Youth impact staff service dog.