People & Companies Who Care

At the heart of our exceptional nonprofit after-school program lies a group of remarkable individuals who exemplify a genuine commitment to our community’s growth and empowerment. Our board members are the driving force behind the transformative impact we bring to the lives of our young participants. Comprised of dedicated leaders, educators, and advocates, each board member brings a unique perspective and wealth of experience that fuels our program’s success.

These fantastic individuals are deeply entrenched in the community, understanding its unique challenges and opportunities. Their unwavering passion for education and youth development resonates through their tireless efforts to shape our program’s direction and impact. From leveraging their extensive professional networks to secure resources and support, to actively engaging with parents and local stakeholders, our board members serve as the bridge between our after-school initiative and the wider community. Their visionary guidance and hands-on involvement enable us to continuously innovate, ensuring that every child who walks through our doors is met with holistic, enriching experiences that foster personal growth, academic achievement, and a strong sense of belonging.

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Comcast supporting youth impact with a building project.

Our Board Members

Lauren Naidomskis

Brent West

Brenda Gerena

Lt. Will Farr

Penny Scott

Nathan DeFries

Tricia Dirks

Jay Stretch

Tim Hall

Brody Candilora

Flor Lopez

Karen Pena

Our Foundation & Corporate Partners

  • Rocky Mountain Power Foundation

  • Comcast NBCUniversal

  • Bonneville Collections

  • Verizon Foundation

  • American Express Foundation

  • Ogden City Arts

  • United Way of Northern Utah

  • The George and Dolores Dore’ Eccles Foundation

  • Northrup Grumman

  • Union Pacific Foundation

  • Sally Langdon Barefoot

  • Sorenson Legacy Foundation

  • Larry H. Miller Charities

  • Lawrence T. and Janet T. Dee Foundation

  • America First Credit Union

  • Ogden Contemporary Arts

  • Wadman Corporation

  • Utah Division of Arts and Museums

  • Willard Eccles Foundation

  • Catholic Community Services

Our Government Parnters

  • Weber County RAMP

  • Utah State Board of Education

  • Utah Department of Workforce Services TANF

  • Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity

  • Juvenile Justice of Utah

  • Weber County

  • Ogden School District

  • Weber County School District

  • Utah Department of Workforce Services Office of Child Care

  • Weber-Morgan Health Department

  • Ogden City